The Money Mentor – Money Saving Tip

The Money Mentor – Money Saving Tip

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4. Money Saving Tip

Interviewer: “I’ve actually just personally cancelled Netflix Dave because I just thought it was sucking my life away, and it’s really not that good. The content on Netflix is average. So what I’ve done, I’ve flipped over to YouTube. I’ve just cancelled it because I just didn’t like the way it was impacting my life. I transferred the money over to Spotify, so I had good music which is good for the soul and all that kind of stuff. If I want to watch something, I just jump on YouTube, and it’s fascinating how much good content there is for free. If I want to watch The Family Guy, which is a pretty chilled-out program, it’s free on YouTube.”

Dave: “Yeah! I like it.”

Interviewer: “You like Family Guy too? Do you?”

Dave: “I do, yeah!”

Interviewer: “Haha, good on you! By the way, for anybody that is listening, Dave how old are you?”

Dave: “68 and yeah, I think Family Guy is great. I have four kids and eight grandkids. We enjoy it, but we definitely prioritise having a garden above all that.

I wash my cars and keep my own house tidy and at 8pm we all sit down and watch a bit of telly, but not much. We don’t have Netflix by the way. We do have Sky, but we don’t watch government business programs…Or the news or that by default on a daily basis. When we have the chance, after family time and the garden, we do. We go for a walk for an hour at night and by the time we come home after a walk and have a coffee and then it’s bedtime.

We are not just sitting in front of a telly and … consider all the other problems that we would end up having; We would have a bag of chips and drink Coca Cola. It’s a vicious cycle, isn’t it?”

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