VIP Benefits

Dear customers, we’re building a buying group and a network of businesses that will offer you discounted rates on everyday items such as food, consumables and more. Over time, this new page will be populated with discounts and offers that you can take advantage of through the use of your Crester Credit Gold cards. Just another benefit of partnering with Crester.

Wanting to buy customer lists? Well, here’s an option that’s even better. You’ll get a highly engaged audience who could do with a helping hand. Offer them a discount, and we’ll encourage them to switch from their current suppliers to you.


Are You A Business Wanting To Buy a Customer Database?

If you’ve been searching to buy a customer database, and your target market is similar to those of our clients, then instead, consider an offering that allows you access to get in front of thousands of families across New Zealand. Instead of buying databases, simply offer our customers a discount for your service, VIP rates or any other beneficial offer that you think might help their lives. We operate much like an association with membership benefits, helping our customers get group discounts and buying power on everyday items, such as groceries, power, petrol, consumables and more.

What can you offer?

If you’d like to tap into thousands of families as clients, then think about what compelling offer you can make. Our customers frequently search terms such as “cheapest power company NZ” & cheapest petrol near me” & “cheapest internet NZ”. Please stop and think about truly valuable deals and coupons you can offer to Kiwi consumers.

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