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Considering finance for a classic car? While a brand-new vehicle might have that new car smell, it won’t turn heads like a vintage beauty with its own timeless allure, often with a friendlier price tag. Maybe you’ve spotted that meticulously maintained classic car that speaks to your soul. No worries, we’ve got your back! At Crester Credit, we understand the passion behind every classic car purchase and the importance of quality finance for classic cars. That’s why our classic car financing options are custom-fit to your unique aspirations and car goals. Dive into the world of vintage rides with a loan for classic cars, and let’s make your dream ride a reality without the financial hiccup.


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Classic Car Financing Calculator

Our New Zealand online loans calculator will help you determine the repayments you can afford when seeking vintage car finance and how much you should borrow. Usually, you’ll make a deposit on the items you wish to buy, which acts as security, and we then spread the rest across 48 months.

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Our maximum loan term is 3 years so your repayments on a $6650 loan must be $70 (or more) per week

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* This is an approximate loan duration based on assumed adequate security, collateral, job security, income, residence situation and positive references.

Getting the Wheels Turning: Your Loan for Classic Cars

Dreaming of cruising in a vintage beauty? We get it! Here at Crester Credit, we share your passion and understand the need for the perfect finance for classic cars. Let us be your co-pilot in this adventure for classic car financing. Our streamlined process for a loan for classic cars is like a leisurely drive — smooth and enjoyable. Fill out our no-fuss application, and before you know it, we’re setting you up with a loan for classic cars that lets you chase those old school car dreams. And hey, with funds often landing in your account within 24 hours, you’ll be ready to hit the road in no time! At Crester, it’s more than just business; it’s about partnering with you in celebrating the joy of classic rides.


Rev Up for Your Vintage Ride: Know Before You Buy!

Delving into the world of classic cars is as thrilling as it is intricate, particularly for first-time enthusiasts. Before diving into getting finance for classic cars, it’s paramount to become fluent in the language of the world of vintage cars. With a wide range of models, histories, and loan options, it can seem like navigating an endless highway. Yet, if you’re eager to sit behind the wheel of an iconic beauty and cruise into the world of loans for classic cars, you’re in the right lane! With years of experience under our belts, we’ve got some do’s and don’ts that will help you out whilst in the thick of car shopping before you press play on classic car financing. Let us help you expand your knowledge to identify your perfect classic match.

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1. Navigate Classic Car Financing with Authenticity

When considering a loan for classic cars, remember that authenticity adds value! Seek out vehicles that retain as much of their original parts and paintwork as possible, but make sure they are in good nick. Not only does this speak to the car’s history and charm, but it can also greatly influence its market value. Winning! It can change the car from a liability to an asset if it is appreciating in cost over time! If unsure, consider getting an expert evaluation before finalising your purchase and going ahead with your classic car financing. Better to be safe than sorry!

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2. Finance for Classic Cars with Maintenance in Mind

When looking at a loan for classic cars, securing the finance for classic cars is just the first step. Classic vehicles often require specialised care, which can be more expensive than maintaining a modern car. Before committing, research potential maintenance costs and ensure you’re prepared for long-term care. You want to be aware of what could happen financially when owning a class car. Remember, a vintage car isn’t just a purchase; it’s an investment in a piece of automotive history.

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When exploring range of loans including financing classic and vintage cars, you’ll see that our turnaround at Crester is top-notch. However, make sure to dive into the terms and conditions of the loan agreement. Browse our frequently asked questions page, where we delve into topics from interest rates to early repayment choices, responsible lending standards, our fee blueprint, and beyond. At Crester Credit, we specialise in finance for classic cars for all types and models. Got questions? Don’t be shy; we’re always ready to assist.

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