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Crester Credit is amongst the easiest finance companies NZ-wide for Kiwis to partner with for business loans, personal loans and vehicle loans.

We try and make the application process as simple as possible for you so you don’t feel like you need to jump through hoops just to qualify. We like to establish a relationship and to become your life-long finance partner that you can rely on when you want a helping hand.

Our good customers can simply lift the phone and ask for approval within minutes. If you’re a business customer, this comes in really handy if you’re thinking about taking on a project that requires investment, or if you’re negotiating with suppliers on equipment and want the upper hand as a cash buyer. Regardless of the nature of your finance requirement, Crester will always be here to assist.

Personal, Small Loans NZ

Crester offers a range of small loans, NZ wide. From dental and medical finance to travel loans. To be approved for personal, small loans, NZ Finance companies usually do a credit check to ensure You have a good history of paying your utility bills and various other checks. You can actually check your credit history yourself online if you wish by visiting a company called Centrix. Our personal, small loans are usually within the range of $500 – $5000, and you can have money in your account within 24 hours from approval.

Business Loans

Business loans can seem almost impossible to get from the bank because of their risk-averse approach. In contrast, business loans with Crester credit are easy.
We make the process simple, and once a good relationship is developed, our business loans can range from $5000 – $50,000+ with the construction or property purchases exceeding that value considerably. We provide small loans for assisting with cash flow and large loans for bridging or asset finance. Either way, we’re here to help, and we’d love to form a relationship with you as your long-term finance partner, allowing you access to the cash you need to grow.

Vehicle Loans

Vehicle loans usually range from $2000 – $80,000 and are payable over 36-48 months and can be used for motorcycles, work vehicles, cars, boats, trailers, tractors – you name it. Vehicle loans can be either be considered personal small loans, or business loans; it doesn’t matter to us as we go through the same checks to protect both you and ourselves, ensuring the vehicle you’re buying isn’t damaged, stolen or has money owing on it.

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Financing Cars NZ

If you’re financing cars, NZ has you protected because the finance companies will do the checks on the vehicles prior to you purchasing it.
This applies to all vehicles, vans, work utes, farm machinery and more. They’ll want to know that the vehicle hasn’t been stolen and there’s no money owed on it. If there is money owing on it, it might be other finance companies will have placed an encumbrance over it, meaning that when you purchase it, you’ll be inheriting the debt. If you’re buying privately, you can avoid this by undertaking a PPSR check. Visit our vehicle loans page for more details.

Finance Companies NZ – Beware

It’s important to understand that not all finance companies are operating in your best interest. Of course, all finance companies NZ-wide operate as a business and want to make money, but if you’re not careful, you can fall into traps keeping you in a circle of never-ending debt. If you’re given an interest-free card, it’s likely if you miss a payment, you’ll trigger a default which will result in you being loaded with nasty interest costs right from the beginning of the agreement. The penalty rates can sometimes also be unfairly stacked, and people find that their debt is growing rather than reducing. Of all the finance companies NZ has on offer, do your homework, check their Google reviews to see if people are complaining about this.
In contrast, Crester is a responsible lender that wants you to get out of debt as fast as possible and offers debt consolidation for anyone in a tricky position. It helps you get on top of your finances, reduce your monthly payments and avoid penalties. To learn more, visit our debt consolidation page.


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