Buy A Tiny Home on Finance

Get tiny home finance and preliminary approval within 60 minutes, assuming you pass our credit checks and your application is inline with the responsible lending code of New Zealand. Spread repayments across a number of years, with affordable and manageable finance rates, and enjoy the freedoms of having a home away from home.

The Kiwi tiki-tour doesn’t need to be a dream, instead it can be your reality.


Flexible Loan Repayments

Choose your own term to determine your repayment amounts. We encourage you to pay off any debt as fast as possible, while still enjoying life.


Get Pre-approval

Negotiate as a cash buyer by being pre-approved for your tiny home finance. You may just save thousands.


Pay today, drive away tomorrow.

Once approved, you can have money transferred into your account overnight, or directly to the company you are buying the tony home from.

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Work Out Your Tiny Home Repayments.

Choose your repayment amounts, and the length or the term on the finance calculator below. It’s easy. Once you’re happy, simply, hit the apply now button, and we can get the application form underway. This will take approximately 6-8 minutes to complete.

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Our maximum loan term is 3 years so your repayments on a $6650 loan must be $70 (or more) per week

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* This is an approximate loan duration based on assumed adequate security & collateral, job security, income, residence situation and positive references.
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Tiny House Finance Costs

If you’re financing a tiny house, then yes, there’s going to be an interest cost. Ideally, you’re able to rent your normal home out while touring our beautiful Aotearoa, to compensate for fuel and travel costs. If not, then it might be a clever idea to think about working remotely with a laptop, meaning that you’ll need a strong Wi-Fi connection or Elon Musk’s new satellite.

You can bundle all the additions, modifications, and accessories into the single finance package. You’ll then want to shop around for the lowest interest rates from all finance companies in New Zealand, and the best conditions, and hopefully you’ll end up back at Crester, considering us as your best tiny home loan option.


What is the maximum tiny home financing available?

Our calculator goes to a maximum of $100,000 NZD, but if you’re slightly over that threshold, it’s no drama, assuming you can afford it and you have a suitable amount of security for the loan. Remember, it’s not just the loan for the tiny home you’ll need, it’s the accessories, the Wi-Fi capability and the complete set-up that you’ll need to finance. Always add in a contingency factor of 10% when purchasing, so you’re prepared for hidden expenses.

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Buying new & selling a second-hand tiny home.

The great thing about financing a new tiny home is that they don’t have a high depreciation rate, like an iPhone or a car might. They’re more similar to a caravan or trailer, and in times of inflation, you’ll find they’re holding their values well. A good thing to do before making a purchase is to research how much your tiny home will be worth in 4 years’ time. If you can sell it for a large percentage of the original value in 4 years’ time, then it’s a good buy and upgrading, so you always have a new tiny home could be on the cards, assuming you can afford it.

Need to knows

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Can I sell my tiny home before the finance agreement is finished?

If you want to sell your tiny home prior to the finance agreement finishing, then we can come to an agreement, but you need to call us first. The Tiny Home is under the finance companies’ ownership, because it’s used as security to offset the loan. It needs to be sold at market-rate, and the remaining finance amount needs to be settled immediately upon sale.

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What happens if I get a year down the track and can’t afford the repayments.

Life changes sometimes, but rest assured, we’re responsible lenders, and only lend to people who can afford the loans they’re applying for. If you do get into a sticky situation, there are several options, so it’s best to call us, but one possibility is that we can look at refinancing, which lowers your repayments over a longer term.

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Can I pay my tiny home loan off faster?

Yes, we encourage you to pay as fast as possible to reduce your overall cost of interest. If you have extra funds, then it’s definitely a smart choice to be directing them to your loan.

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Interest rates on tiny house financing

Interest rates may vary, but usually we offer loans from 13.95% to 26.98% with a term over a period of up to 48 months. For larger purchases, the interest rates are usually on the lower end of the scale. Tiny homes are often considered large purchases.

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If I have a loan pre-approved, how long do I have to purchase?

Once approved, you’ll have three months to make a purchase, otherwise, we’re legally obliged for you to submit new documentation as evidence of your income, and your credit checks, etc.

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How much deposit will I need?

When entering into any finance agreement for a Tiny, Crester Credit looks for a deposit between 10-20%, as well as providing security.

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Do I need to keep my insurance up to date?

Yes, as part of the finance agreement, you need to keep insurance up to date. It’s very important or you’ll be in breach of the agreement.

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Do I need additional security for tiny home financing?

Yes, we ask for a deposit, but also security, where possible.


Calculating time

Our online application form for tiny home financing takes only six-eight minutes to complete. If you’d like assistance, and to talk with one of our loan officers, please make a note of it in the application and we’ll call you once processed.

Tiny House Finance Questions? Ask Our lending team

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We typically respond almost immediately to any questions you have because we understand the excitement around buying your new tiny home. For full transparency, our interest rates, costs, and terms and conditions are all published on our website and you can find them in our footer.

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