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Office fit-out finance is popular because moving a business is expensive. You arrive with your old office furniture and nothing fits. So not only have you paid the movers, you’ve deposited several months’ rent as security and now you need to fund new furniture, paint, lighting, desks, signage … the list goes on. We all know that cash is king, and fitting out an office isn’t cheap. If you run a restaurant, or bar for example, the fit-out can be the make or break of your success, so if you’re wanting the ideal environment, while spreading the costs across 36-48 months, Crester can help.


Fast Fit-Out Approval

Money in your account within 24 hours of approval. Use our office fit-out finance calculator to get started.


36-48 month Repayment Terms

Iron out cash flow with manageable repayments  & spreading your furniture and fit-out costs across 36-48 months.


Competitive Interest Rates

Our office fit-out finance without the hefty price tag. Compare our rates to what’s offered in-store.

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Office Fit Out Finance Calculator

Our New Zealand online loans calculator will help you determine the repayments you can afford when seeking office furniture finance and how much you should borrow. Usually, you’ll make a deposit on the items you wish to buy, which acts as security, and we then spread the rest across 48 months.

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Our maximum loan term is 3 years so your repayments on a $6650 loan must be $70 (or more) per week

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* This is an approximate loan duration based on assumed adequate security, collateral, job security, income, residence situation and positive references.
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Office Furniture Finance, NZ-Style

We know you’re busy. So, Crester Credit will make it as quick and easy as possible when you’re after office fit-out finance. You can apply within minutes with less red tape and a speedy response. Then, upon approval, we finance office furniture without delay; we can even have funds in your account within 24 hours, so you can start your office fit out sooner. We call it office furniture finance, NZ-style – a friendly and stress-free way of securing office fit out finance with highly competitive interest rates thrown in as part of the deal.

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Tips For Your Office Fit Out

We will help you create a corporate space that works on many levels. It will boost productivity from your team, provide a welcoming and impressive place for your clients to come to, and give your business a sharp and contemporary edge from a branding perspective. Here are a few simple tips to get the most out of your office fit-out finance.

Consider colour

Colour has a significant psychological impact on all aspects of our lives, which should apply to your office fit out. For example, research shows that yellow boosts creativity, blue promotes efficiency, and green creates a more relaxed mood. And, where possible, incorporate your brand’s colours within the office to reinforce your corporate identity.


Be smart with storage

Put intelligent storage solutions on your shopping list to reduce office clutter and enhance productivity, e.g. shelves, cabinets, and filing systems to store documents, supplies, and equipment. Meanwhile, digital cloud-based storage further reduces reliance on physical files and keeps things even tidier. Finally, en

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Know what you want

Yes, we know you want office furniture finance. But what do you want when it comes to the actual fit out? First, evaluate the reasoning behind it and consider your corporate culture, the nature of your business, and the number of employees. Next, determine the areas you need, including workstations, meeting rooms, breakout spaces, and storage. You can then fit this into the initial plan for your proposed layout.


Ergonomics is not just a buzzword 

Our office furniture finance will let you invest in ergonomic furniture, which will enhance the well-being of your team. For example, adjustable chairs and desks promote good posture and reduce the risk of musculoskeletal issues. Accessories like monitor stands, ergonomic keyboards, and wrist supports will also minimize strain. And with employee welfare in mind, create comfortable breakout areas where they can relax and recharge.


Get the balance right

Open plan seems to be the latest trend in office fit outs. But you do need to balance a communal area with the need for privacy and an opportunity to concentrate on the job at hand. This can be achieved through sound-absorbing materials, such as acoustic panels or carpets, while glass partitions or privacy screens can create quiet spaces for meetings or focused work. In addition, soundproof your meeting rooms to maintain confidentiality during discussions.

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Have a plan

Efficient space planning maximises productivity. Your floor plan must allow for a smooth and non-disruptive traffic flow within the office and encourage collaboration. Of course, while open-plan office spaces are good for communication and teamwork, you must also provide quieter areas for focused work.

Don’t overlook lighting

Use part of your office furniture finance to invest in quality lighting. Incorporate as much natural light as possible by positioning workstations near windows; this can be part of your office layout plan. However, you’ll need artificial lighting, too. Consider adjustable lighting at individual workstations so employees can set brightness levels to accommodate their specific requirements. Meanwhile, lighting a dark corner can lift mood and productivity, with cool blue and white bulbs best for working and concentrating.

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We typically respond almost immediately when clients are looking for office furniture finance. However, making yourself aware of the various terms and conditions when taking out finance is essential. Our commonly asked questions page covers everything from interest rates to early settlement, responsible lending, our fee structure, and more. Crester Credit can help with all things related to office fit out finance, so contact us if you have any questions.

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