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Other than buying a house or having children, your wedding is usually the most costly expense of your life (averaging around $30,000 in New Zealand). Paying for the wedding venue, cake, flowers, hair and makeup, and your wedding dress. All of which can quickly add up. And then, of course, there’s your honeymoon. We help with easy, convenient wedding loans to make sure you can focus on planning your special day.

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How Much Does a Wedding Cost?

Weddings can often cost between $20,000 – $30,000 New Zealand dollars, which means many people need to borrow wedding loans. Here are some of the expenses you need to consider when applying for wedding finance.

  • The Venue – This could easily cost $3500 per day.
  • The Flowers – You can easily exceed $300 on flowers.
  • The Catering – Assume a minimum of $100 per person
  • The Bar Tab – Put a limit on this, but often people start with $500 on the bar.
  • The Cake – Factor a cost of approximately $250+
  • Matching hire-suits for the groomsman – Factor $500+
  • Bridesmaid Dresses – Hiring these can also easily cost $500+
  • The Honeymoon – Totally at your discretion. Visit our travel loans for more detail.
  • The Invites – Often costing approximately $200 + including mailing costs.

The list goes on. All in all, If you need wedding finance or a loan for wedding-related costs, then Crester is here to help.

Wedding loans for almost anything

Engagement rings & wedding rings

Crester’s wedding loans are often used for items before the big day too. You may need wedding finance for the rings, for example.

Venue hire and entertainment

Often you’ll need to pay for a venue in advance, or at least make a deposit. Wedding finance could be the perfect solution.

The wedding dress

The most important part of the day, making sure you look absolutely stunning, but unfortunately, this comes at a cost.

Groom and groomsmen’s suits

Hiring suits for weddings is again an overlooked expense at weddings and yet another reason why you may need a loan.

Bridal party hair and makeup

Hiring someone to do your makeup and hair can easily cost around $500 for the day.

Wedding cake

Make sure your wedding loans include the cost of the cake which needs to cater for all your guests. You’ll be able to order online based on the guest-count you have attending.

Wedding day costs

There will be additional costs,  such as vehicle hire to consider when applying for wedding loans.

Honeymoon travel and expenses

Finally, your time to relax in style. Make sure you have a little leftover, so you’re able to enjoy your time comfortably.


Handy Tips

  • Plan an outdoor wedding in a public space, such as the botanical gardens, and you’ll save a small fortune.
  • A wedding planner can save you thousands.
  • Google the weather history in your city to figure out the most likely time to get a perfect, dry day.

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