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Get Business Loans NZ wide, whether you’re an established business looking to fund new equipment through asset finance, or if you’re looking for temporary relive cash-flow relief, Crester’s business lending is your long-term finance partner ready to assist. Crester Credit can provide commercial finance without the hassle that comes with applying for a commercial loan from a bank. Use our business loan calculator to see indicative repayment values and remember our business interest rates start from just 12%.


We make it easy for you

Money in your account within 24 hours from approval. Start by using our business loan calculator. It’s far easier than lodging an application with a bank.


Low Interest Rates

Crester enjoys working with businesses, the heart of NZ’s economy. We offer business finance as low as 12%. Full disclosure statements of our fees and rates can be viewed here.


No Red Tape

When it comes to loans for businesses, we don’t have levels of bureaucracy and we don’t make you jump through hoops of unnecessary information.





Business Finance Calculator

Use our New Zealand online finance calculator to determine the repayments your business can afford and the maximum amount you can borrow. Remember to factor in making a deposit on the item you wish to purchase, and we then spread the rest across 36-48 months unless arranged otherwise.

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$30 per week

Our maximum loan term is 3 years so your repayments on a $6650 loan must be $70 (or more) per week

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* This is an approximate loan duration based on assumed adequate security & collateral, job security, income, residence situation and positive references.

Business loan, NZ-style.

We’ll offer you a business loan, NZ-style. This means, fewer hurdles to jump, and a personal relationship that you can rely on. A business loan NZ-style means you can pick up the phone and get approval in minutes, assuming we’ve worked with you before. You can use Crester Credit for cash flow assistance, new equipment or servicing, or an IRD invoice that you didn’t anticipate. We can tailor interest rates as low as 12% to assist you with your business finances.

How to apply for a business loan?

Avoid the time-consuming red tape and bureaucracy of other lenders and banks and apply in 6 minutes online. Crester keeps it simple and personal. We aim to have your commercial loan transferred into your account within just 24 hours of approval.

We provide finance to businesses of any size NZ-wide, whether you’re a start-up or looking to expand. Either way, we’re excited to be part of your journey and provide commercial finance at fair and realistic interest rates. Apply now.

Custom Commercial Loans

Commercial loans from Crester can be customised for your situation. We can make flexible repayment plans and low-interest rates on business finance. Our loans for businesses range from $800.00 up to $80,000.00+. We do ask for a form of security, such as vehicles, property, business equipment and other assets. We keep it simple and want you to be a happy, repeat customer assuming our lending criteria is satisfied. If you’d like to borrow more than $80,000 New Zealand dollars, this requires a personal discussion and assessment. We often lend large sums for bridging finance, property purchases, equipment finance and joint ventures.

Business finance Crester helps with:

Business equipment

Business finance is often needed for equipment to improve your efficiency. We love helping Kiwi businesses achieve growth.

Farm machinery

Farm machinery is a common request for business finance also. Let us help you increase productivity with a short term commercial loan.

Office furniture

New office furniture can easily be in excess of $10,000, so if you’d like to spread this payment across a term to help cash flow, we’re here to help.

Shop fittings

Along with new furniture, you might also want to paint the walls, knock out walls, add dividers. Either way, small business funding can help you manage cash flow.

Website builds

If a website is older than four years, it’s old technology. Think about an iPhone. If it’s four years old, it doesn’t work correctly. Need a hand?? We like to help businesses grow.

Expansion plans

Opening a new office? Taking on more staff to grow? Discuss your expansion plans with us one-on-one with our director. We love to partner with clever businesspeople.

Work vehicles

We often help with car finance for businesses because our fees are often far less than the payments you’ll have to make when negotiating with a dealer.

Bridging Finance

If you’re purchasing equipment or property for business and you need a short-term cash injection. We’ll happily discuss this with you. There’s often a way.


Handy Tips

  • Crester offers all sorts of commercial loans, including asset finance, venture capital & more.
  • If you need seed funding, we’d love to hear from you, assuming you have a solid business plan.
  • Keep loans separate from consumable suppliers, so you can keep your operations running.
  • Wondering how to apply for a business loan without a mountain of effort? Start with our 6 minute online application.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Commercial finance questions? Ask our lending team.

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We do our best to respond to our business clients, almost immediately. In the meantime, fell free to review our commonly asked questions and answers about our loan terms and conditions. We’ve included detail about establishment fees, annual interest rates, early settlement options, finance rates, the responsible lending code of New Zealand, and the online application process. Please connect with us if you’d like to discuss your finance requirements in more detail.

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