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For medical finance NZ -wide, we have you covered at Crester. We understand that paying medical bills can be hard. They can often come out of the blue, and your health is not something you can put on the back burner. However, it’s not worth ruining your credit rating by letting doctor’s bills go to Baycorp, so before this happens, let us help you with a simple personal loan you can afford to repay.


We make medical finance easy

You’ll get flexible, affordable repayment options for your medical funding and a plan to suit your circumstances. Whether it’s medical finance for a simple medical procedure or a tummy tuck NZ payment plan, we’re here to get you the cash you need and take the stress away.


We look beyond bad credit mishaps

We offer secured medical loans, preferring to look at the security you have rather than your income. If your credit rating’s not so flash, we’re still interested.


We give you better interest rates

Why pay more through other finance companies? We offer some of the lowest interest rates for medical finance NZ – wide. With us you will get one of the best rates on the market.





Medical Loan Calculator

Use our New Zealand online calculator for loans to determine the affordability and repayments for the amount you want to borrow. Usually, you’ll make a deposit on the item you wish to buy, which acts as security, and we then spread the rest across 48 months.

I want to borrow:
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$30 per week

Our maximum loan term is 3 years so your repayments on a $6650 loan must be $70 (or more) per week

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* This is an approximate loan duration based on assumed adequate security & collateral, job security, income, residence situation and positive references.

Easiest medical finance NZ -wide

We can pay your medical bills directly to your doctor, dentist, hospital or any organisation, so you don’t have to worry. Our health finance can be catered to how much you can afford to pay – even if it’s only a small medical bill, our loans cater for this. (a minimum loan amount of $500 is required)

You can use medical loans for medication, GP visits, specialists, surgery, dentists, medical equipment, support care workers and more. Our plans are personalised; if it’s a tummy tuck NZ payment plan you’re after, we have you covered.

We also offer medical equipment loans to businesses, such as defibrillators and other specialists medical equipment.

Pay your medical bill within 24 hours of approval

Doctors bills

With Crester’s Medical Finance, you’ll be able to spread doctors bills across a number of years to help life be more manageable.

X-RAY’s & health finance

Specialist procedures can cost a packet, and when you need them, you may not have the money. We’re here to help.

After hours fees

In a medical emergency, the after-hours fees that you rack up can be especially daunting. We’re here to help if you need us for a medical loan.

Optometrist expenses

Getting a new set of frames isn’t the cheapest item to buy in life, but you need to see; there’s no way around it. Ask us for health finance, and we’ll help where we can.

Hospitals & health finance

Health finance NZ-wide is available from Crester Credit. Don’t stress about your finances; spread it across a number of years.

Ambulance costs

Again another reason you might need a health loan is because of unexpected ambulance fees. They’re not cheap, but they are essential.

Dentist bills

Ouch, for many reasons. Let us take some of the pain away from visiting the dentist. We can spread your payments across a number of years to make life easier.

Medical Equipment

Need a defibrillator? A wheelchair? Crester can help you with medical finance to spread the payment across a term that’s manageable.


Handy Tips

  • Even if you have health insurance, you’ll often have to pay medical expenses in advance and then claim from your insurance provider afterwards.
  • Using a broker for your health insurance always makes a lot of sense, so you don’t get caught on technicalities.
  • Health finance is funding that you can pay off over 36 months, and can be applied to almost anything, such as laser eye surgery or plastic surgery. (We have great tummy tuck NZ payment plans!)

Frequently Asked Questions

Most essential medical services are covered, but patients may still incur costs for non-essential services, medications, and if they don’t meet eligibility criteria. If you’re not covered we can get you medical finance fast! 

Options include private health insurance, medical loans, healthcare payment plans, or using personal savings or loans. We create personalised plans for any medical finance need. If it’s a tummy tuck NZ payment plan you’re after, we’ve got it for you. 


Calculating time

Apply online today. Our online application form takes only six-eight minutes to complete. Start by filling this in, and if you’d like to talk with one of our loan officers, please make a note of it in the application.

Personal loan questions? Our team can help.

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We are one of New Zealand’s best loan companies providing fast and comprehensive finance options when you need them most. We respond to our customers facing medical bills, almost immediately. Please do take the time to review our commonly asked questions and information about Crester Credit’s terms and conditions. We’ve included detail about establishment fees, annual interest rates, early settlement options, the responsible lending code of New Zealand, and the online finance application process. We’re here to help with everything finance related, so please ask if you have any questions at all.

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