The Money Mentor – Advice everyone is screaming for

The Money Mentor – Advice everyone is screaming for

Financial advice podcast

In this Money Mentor tips and financial advice podcast, Dave tells it straight. He’s a man that everyone wishes they had looking out for them and he’s finally sharing his wisdom. If you don’t already know, Dave is an extremely successful businessman who’s down to earth, great values and build a legacy for his family that everyone looks up to.

He’s the Money Mentor. The ordinary New Zealand bloke who’s achieved extraordinary career milestones and now wants to share his knowledge to help those around him. He’s the mentor that we all wish we had.

Full Podcast Transcript


Interviewer: “Dave has been very successful in life and he is a man that many admire and seek financial advice from. In this podcast interview, we bring our listeners Dave’s words of wisdom about how to improve your finances. How to save money, how to manage money and how to avoid getting into spiralling debt. He’s a humble man, from humble beginnings. He’s not so different from the rest of us.

Dave, you’re Canterbury man, from Christchurch, New Zealand and you kicked off your career as a car dealer and made some considerable advances and achieved a lot in life.

So just as an everyday, standard Kiwi, what tips around money would you be able to give to people? Because life is pretty tough.

What do they say? if you’ve got a job, it’s Just Over Broke, (J.O.B.) right?

I think I recently heard that when a huge prize in Powerball gets announced, people’s grocery shopping spend reduces by $17 on average across New Zealand. So what that means, is that families are sacrificing their grocery bills for Powerball and they are living from week-to-week, pay-cheque to pay-cheque. I think I heard this in discussion between John Key and the head of Progressive, the company who owns several supermarket chains such as Countdown.

So, Dave, you are known as Mr Money mentor, what advice can you give to everyday Kiwis to make life a little bit easier?” (Keep reading the full transcript by following the topic button links below.)

1. How to Budget

2. How to Save Money

3. Are You Wasting Time?

4. Money Saving Tip

5. TV Made Me Fat

6. Learn About Money

7. How To Manage Your Spending

8. Tips on How to Take Out a Loan

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