The Money Mentor – Are You Wasting Time?

The Money Mentor – Are You Wasting Time?

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3. Are You Wasting Time?

Dave: “Exactly.

Borrow money for the shortest term possible, for the least possible amount of money. But isn’t it interesting; You mentioned that guy that’s so busy. My question is Busy Doing what? It’s probably not a bad idea to also keep a bit of a budget on your time because time is critical.

If you’re honest with yourself, you’re busy doing what? Watching TV? If you actually chop a few hours off TV watching in a week you’ll get a lot back. What are you busy doing? A lot of people complain, but they waste their time watching Netflix, socialising and drinking or whatever. Are you really that busy that you can’t work in your garden for 10 minutes an evening, or are you just making excuses? If you can do both Netflix and your Garden, that’s fine. It’s good to enjoy socialising and to have a bit of downtime, but if you’re short of money, please don’t complain.”

Interviewer: “Good answer Dave, good answer.

I think some of the other things that potentially run away on people are those little subscriptions that we all have, like Spotify. What does it cost? $17 a month? I imagine that those things just start adding up and you might have 3 or 4 subscriptions ticking over in the background that you’ve probably forgotten about in some cases.”

Dave: “Well, you wouldn’t need Netflix if you’re too busy spending time down in the garden. Would you?”

Interviewer: “Haha, that’s true, but people do need some downtime, don’t we?”

Dave: “Yes of course you do, but don’t waste your valuable time. We don’t always consider our time as really valuable; We just sit in front of the TV. We don’t value the time we’re wasting. If we just made a note of how much time we were wasting either in a notebook or a fridge-chart or something, you would be amazed how much time we’re wasting. This is time that you could spend having fun with your family, outside doing something useful, or even starting a second job.”

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