The Money Mentor – How to Save Money

The Money Mentor – How to Save Money

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Dave: “If you are lucky enough to have a garden. It’s a little bit of work, but you can save loads of money and you’ll have good, fresh food. Not everybody can do that. It really is worth trying this. 🥕🥦 You can even include your kids and make it a family activity.

When you have a little bit of spare time each week, go out into your backyard and have a look. Before you know it, you’ll have some carrots, some spuds and you’ll think, “We’ll be alright.” We can make a good meal with this.

It really is all about your budget and habits. Once you set your budget, don’t change it because it’s that temptation where you just go out, get some chocolate, some chips or Coca-Cola and it just adds up to another $20. But you know $20 a week for a year, is a thousand dollars and that’s the difference. A thousand dollars would be nice to have at the end of the year. Wouldn’t it?”

Interviewer: “It sure would Dave, your advice is Gold and there are some really good ideas here on how to save money.

Gardens are a really interesting thought and most people in this day-and-age are so busy that unfortunately, it’s all too easy to go to the Pak n Save supermarket and grab the convenient, cheap food which isn’t good healthy nutrition. Healthy food seems to be more expensive too. We are quite lucky in New Zealand to have backyards and gardens; people in other countries just don’t have that option. We know we need to fuel our body’s on good fresh food, but it takes preparation. It’s hard and at the end of a long workday, a lot of people (including myself) don’t want to go to the effort. We just want to grab what’s convenient, but with a little bit of willpower, it will change a lot financially, not to mention your health.

So that’s an excellent piece of advice Dave, thank you.

Dave, look, obviously you run a finance company as well and I’m going to say there are a lot of loan sharks out there who don’t care who they loan to. For all of your listeners, I can hand-on-heart, say that Dave isn’t one of them.

What’s your tagline, Dave?

You shouldn’t borrow money, but if you really need help, come to us.

I think you said something like that.”

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