The Money Mentor – TV Made Me Fat

The Money Mentor – TV Made Me Fat

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5. TV Made Me Fat

Interviewer: “Hmmm TV, It’s a gateway drug to fatness. Well, that’s my opinion based on looking back at my own life when I found myself in the routine of being in front of the TV. From a young age, we’ve been taught bad habits as a society, for example, when we go to the movies as little kids; What do we all do? We’ve been taught to eat popcorn and candy. That’s the culture. Then what do you do when you sit in front of the TV? You go grabbing a package of chips. I don’t know about you, but man-boobs aren’t the most attractive thing in the world.”

Dave: “No!”

Interviewer: “Other than that, you’ve told me I’m a bit of a fatty at times, so Dave, I’ve listened to you mate.”

Dave: “Good on you, and yes, you just got to go through those things in life to learn.

I go swimming once a week. I don’t like swimming, but I just have to do something just to keep trim and active. It’s social too, you get to meet people at the pool, but as a sport, it’s not something I particularly enjoy. I think that we’ve got to do some of these things in life. I talked about budgeting which is not easy, but if you consider this, you’ll take your stress away, you won’t be as worried about being short of money. If you’re ok with being short of money, that’s fine but if you actually want to do something about it, you’re going to have to create a budget on your money and your time.”

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