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What to do in Christchurch for teens for free

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Are you looking for things to do with your children in the summertime? Are you struggling to find activities in the school holidays? Have you researched what to do in Christchurch for teens for free? Whatever the interests of your teenage children, there is something for everybody in Christchurch because of the amazing community initiative called Walk’n On Water (WoW).

Adventures for teens in Christchurch

We will now take a look at an array of different activities available free of charge in Christchurch. It can be challenging to find something that teenagers enjoy, which occupies their minds, but there is more than enough if you look around. So, where do we start when looking at what to do in Christchurch?

Safety comes first

We live in a challenging world where teenage safety can be compromised in an instant. Consequently, it is essential to note that all of the activities listed below are safe. All of the hosts are police checked, and the activities are all connected with trusted local churches. So now we have confirmed that, let’s see what we can find for your teenagers during the holidays!

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Skating and surfing

It is fair to say that the skills required to skate and surf are very similar, balance, conviction and confidence. In addition, the ability to carry out sometimes outrageous skateboard stunts carries over seamlessly into the surfing arena. The Walk’n On Water website has many skating and surfing events that will catch teenagers’ imagination and attention.

For many people, it is the opportunity to skate and surf in a safe, controlled environment that makes the difference. There is great camaraderie and competition in both of these sports, and there is no doubt they will challenge you physically and mentally. So see what your kids think. You may fancy a go yourself?


Street art, sometimes referred to as graffiti, is extremely popular amongst teenagers looking to express themselves. But, again, there is competition and camaraderie amongst graffiti artists. In the many events around Christchurch, they will pick up some great tips. These graffiti events allow skilled artists to show their wares and their work.

Many people fail to understand street art/graffiti, although the quality stands out a mile even at a distance. We can only imagine how many street artists struggled to progress as they had nowhere to demonstrate their skills. Well, with plenty of wall areas to cover, experts and advisers on hand, you could leave your forever mark.


PlayStation gaming has taken the teenage world by storm, creating many worldwide societies where people can chat. The safety aspect of such environments is often questioned. But what about if the gamers were all in the same area? Able to see each other, chat and push each other to new levels?

Well, gaming events will be popping up around Christchurch regularly in the future. The latest equipment, the latest games all coming together to create a competitive and spirited environment. It is literally like gaming with your best friends on the other side of the table.

Movie nights

Many teenagers have never experienced movie night, the thrill of getting out of the house and watching a movie with friends. We know that these events have made a comeback in recent years, and thankfully, there are countless movie nights planned around Christchurch. These are all controlled in a safe environment. The relevant police checks have already been carried out, as we touched on above.

We live in a world where children seem to grow up very quickly. So, what’s wrong with taking a step back with good old fashioned movie nights? It is as much about socialising as it is about the movies themselves. Keeping teenagers entertained and, most importantly, offering them something to enjoy. When your teenage children ask what to do in Christchurch, mention movie nights and see the expression on their faces.


For those unaware, thrifting is the new trend amongst teenage girls who swap clothes and sample different designs and fashions. Teenagers tend to have very open minds when it comes to style and following the latest trends. So, what better way to sample the latest trends and the latest clothing without spending a penny?

It may be that your teenage daughter has grown out of a particular fashion which their friends are only just discovering. Mixing and matching different clothing, swapping outfits amongst friends is also a demonstration of “try before you buy”. What parent would disagree with that?

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Hiking and survival skills

New Zealand, especially Christchurch, is home to various landscapes and opportunities to enjoy the environment. If initial feedback is correct, hiking and survival skills are two subjects that catch the attention of many teenagers. The ability to sample nature, improve your fitness levels, and learn some potential life-saving survival skills, what’s not to like?

Many people believe that hiking and survival skills should be part of the mainstream school curriculum. This type of activity offers a fun way to experience nature, challenging physical exercise and the opportunity to use your brain matter. We can imagine many adults will be tagging along?

Indoor climbing

Often seen as a niche sport, indoor climbing recently made its Olympic debut at Tokyo 2020. Unless you’ve been indoor climbing, you won’t appreciate the need to think on the move and the physical challenges. Those who have been doing indoor climbing for some time make it look effortless. Is it as simple as it seems?

Teenagers love a challenge, teenagers are competitive, and activity such as indoor climbing plays right into their hands. It is important to note that indoor climbing can be dangerous, but all events are carried out with the highest degree of safety. Who knows, the indoor climbing events around Christchurch may produce one of the future Olympic champions?

Rock School

How many of us adults dreamt about attending rock school when we were younger? Did you see yourself as some music superstar of the future? Well, the ability to learn the guitar in a modern-day rock school is something many teenagers would appreciate. The selection of instruments will likely grow going forward while many parents lose their hearing!

Experts believe that you can teach someone to play an instrument, but those who feel the instrument, feel the vibe can go on to bigger and better things. Maybe one of your teenage children really could be a budding pop star of the future? When looking at what to do in Christchurch, you could be about to unearth a superstar.

Money, money, money

The average teenager is very good at spending money but maybe not so good at earning it. Even though different elements of finance is taught in schools, the aim for the money, money, money classes is to offer a practical experience. Many teenagers won’t be far off the workplace, finding their way in life and having to budget. Suitable life lessons are priceless.

Making money yourself, the satisfaction and the pride can become addictive, putting many teenagers on the right road to financial security. The key to these finance lessons is to make them enjoyable, offer practical ideas and involve the teenagers. Once they feel involved, you’ve cracked it.


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Photography is all about the moment, catching something special and a forever memory. Many teenagers are adventurous, quick thinking with an eye for the unexpected. These are the main characteristics of successful photographers, those which adorn popular magazines and websites. However, photography is a simple pastime made complicated by others.

Teenagers will learn some simple photography tricks, using different lighting to change the mood and how to get that idyllic shot. It is not expensive to start photography, although the equipment cost varies enormously, and it is gratifying. But, then, who knows, you could be about to release a professional photographer with the world their oyster?

Cooking classes

Whether you are a teenage boy or a teenage girl, cooking classes will undoubtedly come in handy as you get older. We all need to fend for ourselves, be as self-sufficient as possible while also making it enjoyable. There is nothing better than sampling your delicacies, food cooked by your fair hand.

The beauty of cooking classes is that you can be adventurous, try something different and see how it tastes. Of course, not every adventure will work out, but along the way, you will likely sample some hearty cuisine you have never even considered. As for parents, you could be in for some home-cooked delicacies!

Maintaining the interest of teenagers

We all know that some teenagers have difficulty concentrating with so much going on in their minds. We also know that many struggle to find things to do in the holidays when they have time on their hands. Christchurch has many classes, whether hiking classes, indoor climbing, cookery classes, street art, or skating/surfing – there is something for everyone.


What to do in Christchurch could easily be switched to; what of the many activities can we do in Christchurch. Investment in teenagers today is an investment in the future, their future. These events will uncover many teenagers with outstanding talents. However, the main focus is to offer teenagers something enjoyable, challenging and rewarding. If we can do that, it is safe to say we have cracked it.

Now you know what to do in Christchurch – which one will your teenagers pick?


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