Loans for Vet Bills

Loans for Vet Bills

Loans for Vet Bills

Pets seem to have an uncanny knack for getting sick or injured at the worst possible times for us financially: just before Christmas, just after buying the school uniforms, in between jobs, just to name a few. Hello expensive pet bill, right on queue! And if you have more than one pet, they all seem to get ill at the same time like us humans do during flu season, to maximise our financial distress!

There’s always something cropping up, a cat uti, a dog’s broken leg, a guinea pig with a fever. And every responsible pet owner has a strong love for their animal and a strong awareness of their duty of care, it’s never an easy time when financial limitations are reached and tough decisions sometimes need to be made.

Crester can help with emergency vet bills, which everyone (except for perhaps the super-rich) seems to agree are simply outrageous – Your German shepherd needs a tooth out? No problem, that’ll be $950 thank you very much. Crester offers loans for vet bills that mean you will be able to stick to your normal budget by effectively paying vet bills in installments after we’ve taken care of the initial total cost.

Vet bills for dogs and puppies, and for cats and kittens are by far the most common medical expense for pets in New Zealand, and a lot of Kiwis leave their local veterinary provider thinking ‘if that was the size of my bill, what’s the average cost of vet bills?!’ You’re not alone in thinking that the cost of vet bills is too high, but help paying vet bills is within reach with Crester.

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