5 Tips For Taking An Inexpensive Holiday

5 Tips For Taking An Inexpensive Holiday

Has work and life got you stressed? Perhaps its time to relax and enjoy yourself!
Here are 5 tips to taking an inexpensive holiday.

#1 The 5 P’s

Prior preparation prevents poor performance.
It always pays to plan things out. This approach can work well in so many aspects of life. It doesn’t just have to be about taking a trip or holiday, but can apply to almost everything, which is why it is tip #1. Using sites like Skyscanner.com and Booking.com can really help you get a vision of how much you need to save for the holiday you want and what costs can be expected.
Use the technology we have today and plan it out.

#2 Ditch Responsibility

Ditch the kids. Ah, now I know a lot of you parents will be loving this one. Get them to their grandparents, uncles or aunties. Its been a big year, so why not treat yourself and enjoy some time with your partner?

Perhaps you own and run a business. Put your phone on aeroplane mode and chill out!
Remember to enjoy your holiday destination.  It doesn’t matter if it’s around the corner from home or on the other side of the planet – work can wait until you get home.

#3 Self Contained Accommodation

This is an absolute doozie of a tip! Go through your transactions. How much money do you spend on food per month? If you get accommodation with a little cook-top and fridge you can easily save up to $100 per day by eating in instead of dining out.

Bed and Breakfasts are a great way to go. They offer breakfast (of course) and most have amenities that you can use to make lunch during the day. That leaves one meal you need to purchase (dinner) on your getaway, so you can make it a good one!
AirBnb is a great app you can download from your smart phone which offers great accommodation with everything you need.

#4 Find The Freebies

Google is a beautiful tool isn’t it? And when you’ve had a look what’s available you can go to a local kiosk and ask what there is to do that’s free – make an adventure out of it!

The beautiful thing about mother nature in New Zealand is she has created a lot to do for Free, whether it’s going for a fish off a nearby wharf, trekking through the bush, hunting down glow worms, checking out waterfalls, visiting the thermal pools or heading down to the beach to zen out. There is a lot that can be done for next to nothing. Refer back to Tip #1 – make sure you plan it out before you leave.

#5 Budget & Make It Happen

If you’ve read this far, then a holiday is something you really deserve. Don’t let finances stand in your way. Often not taking a rest and recharging the batteries can really take its toll in the long run and have you feeling anxious. Plan your next holiday now, and start looking forward to it straight away!

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