Loans Auckland

Crester can visit you in person no matter where in Auckland you’re based.  Our Auckland loans service commenced way back in 1983 by a chap called David Diggs. Dave was originally a well known car dealer but found that he was too honest for the industry. Cars kept breaking, and he always wanted happy customers, so he fixed them even when he wasn’t technically responsible. He had the foresight to noticed that people were living week-to-week, and they wanted to make weekly payments, as opposed to monthly which was the standard back in those days.

The rest is history and a small insight to how Loan Auckland-wide have changed. David now donates to charities and Christian organisations throughout New Zealand. He’s a mentor to many, and if you need to borrow finance, Crester will always give you a fair deal and good advice.


Mobile Loans Auckland

If you’re a little unsure of technology and our online application isn’t how you’d like to apply, we can visit and help you with your personal loans, Auckland-wide. We can easily guide you through the application process, and we can also explain interest rates, and fees. You’ll be given an understanding of our terms, and you’ll have all the financial knowledge to make a decision.  We often visit businesses to discuss Auckland business finance too.


Get Approved in 24 hours.

Your personal loan application can be approved in just 24 hours and you can have cash in your account overnight, thereafter. Our Auckland team are here to support you in person, or you’re more than welcome to call our head office or email us with questions.