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Debt Consolidation NZ

If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed with how many bills you have to pay, then Crester can make life worry-free, and debt consolidation is the answer. We help Kiwis manage their bills with loans for debt consolidation NZ wide. Our online debt consolidation loans calculator works out your repayments if you roll all of your debts into one simple payment. This makes life far more manageable. Applying online takes only 8 minutes.
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Consolidate Debt & Save

Money is the biggest source of stress in our lives, and this stress can spiral, affecting work, family, relationships, and our health. Crester Credit is one of the best debt consolidation companies NZ wide, to help you to regain control. Managing multiple debts can be incredibly stressful so Crester helps you consolidate debts, and lowers your weekly payments required.

Crester’s team is here to help. You’ll find friendly staff on the end of the phone, any time you have questions.  We are trained in helping our clients navigate challenging financial situation and create consolidation loans & arrangements that allow you to sleep easy and get on with life.

You’ll be treated like a person, not a number and you’ll be dealing with real people who understand. We’ll get you back on top, with a debt consolidation loan, in no time.

The main benefits of debt consolidation loans are reducing stress by regaining control of your finances, and to achieve lower repayments, combined with a lower overall amount you’ll have to pay. Making a single regular payment simplifies life too 🙂  Apply now.

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Debt Consolidation NZ-Wide

With flexible repayments and terms to suit your situation, we aim to offer you the most helpful and best debt consolidation nz-wide.

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Bad Credit? Loans To Help

We prefer to look at the security you have rather than your income. If your credit rating’s not so flash, we’re still happy to consolidate debt, if you can provide security.

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Lower Costs & Consolidate Debt

Stop paying pay too much & grab control with a low-interest online debt consolidation loan. Bundle credit card debts, bills, & HP’s in to one simple payment.

Low Interest Rates
Get Debt-Free Faster

We offer very competitive consolidation loan rates compared to other lenders like ANZ, ASB, BNZ, Westpac, etc. which is very important when searching for low interest debt consolidation loans. The less you have to pay, the better off you are with extra money to spend on the things that really matter! If you are looking to consolidate debt so you have one simple payment, talk to our friendly team at Crester Credit today. You can get approved for your debt consolidation loans in under 60 minutes.

You need debt consolidation if:

  • You are having trouble keeping up with your monthly bill payments
  • You're impulsive and credit card debt, or bills are mounting.
  • You are having trouble borrowing money because of your credit history, including a bad credit rating
  • You need a fresh start with one, easy to manage payment
  • You need some money to bridge the time-gap between debt and credit becoming available – see our Bridging Loans.

Debt consolidation loans help with:

  • Baycorp bills – we can pay them off and clear your credit rating
  • Turn your mountain of bills into one easy payment
  • Giving you freedom and not having to count every last penny
  • Paying off other loans or hire purchases with high interest rates
  • Creating one easy payment to manage all your outgoings that is within your budget
  • Your wellbeing 🙂

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