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Are you more comfortable arranging finance online as opposed to the telephone? Perhaps your daily routine makes it impossible to contact us during the day? There’s now an easy beneficial loans online process that is available 24/7. Apply at your convenience!

While the Internet has changed how we live, many would argue that the financial services industry has benefited more than most from the online revolution. A significant increase in transparency has ensured better value for money and greater availability of services. Even though we are always available to answer your questions and queries, many people feel uncomfortable asking what they perceive to be “simple questions”. Well, in reality, there are probably thousands of people asking the same question. In this article, you’ll learn all about the benefits of online applications and the information required.

Are you considering a beneficiary loan application?

Here at Crester Credit, we pride ourselves on our easy beneficiary loans online application process. We have deliberately made the online application process simple, which allows us to concentrate on the facts and figures, your financial situation and what we can offer. We keep the questions to a minimum, only asking for information that we require. Rest assured, all of your data is protected, and we do not cross-sell with any other third parties. You deal with us and us alone.

beneficiary loan

Convenience is the key

Seeking finance is not a decision that should be taken lightly; therefore, we believe our online application process/informative articles offer the perfect solution. Visit our website any time of the day or night to access information regarding:-

  • Details of the services that we offer are
  • The range of interest rates available
  • Maximum loan amounts
  • Loan durations
  • Security/guarantors
  • Credit checks

We will now take a look at these issues in more detail.

Details of the services that we offer

While we have seen significant demand for our loans for beneficiary service, we also offer personal loans, emergency loans, renovation loans, medical loans and will consider finance for any scenario. You may well find that a different type of loan is perhaps more appropriate to your situation, with details available online for you to read.

As a responsible family business offering short-term loans in New Zealand, rest assured we will advise you of the most appropriate solution for your situation. While we carry out credit checks and require a degree of security, we can discuss additional issues such as consolidation loans and their long-term benefits. Don’t be afraid to ask any question!

Range of interest rates available

Whatever the circumstances for considering/providing finance, it is still a case of comparing the risk/reward ratio to arrive at the most appropriate interest rate. Here at Crester Credit, we offer rates of between 13.95% and 26.98% per annum – subject to status, credit checks and security. This places us in a previously neglected area between traditional bank loans and high-interest payday loans. We broadly try to maintain a range of interest rates similar to those charged by credit card companies, but the agreed rate is fixed for the term of your loan.

interest rates for beneficiary loans

Maximum loan amounts

It is safe to say that we are currently experiencing a considerable increase in demand for beneficiary loans. Even though this type of service is not new, many people are only now waking up to the security offered by government-backed benefit payments. That said there is a need to be responsible when looking to secure additional finance. However, the idea that those in receipt of benefits cannot apply for finance is wrong.

In reality, as we break free of the COVID pandemic and slowly return to “normal life”, there will be additional pressure on the economy and the employment market. Against this background, this makes the security of benefit payments backed by the New Zealand government even more appealing.

Loan duration

We have a raft of information and guidance on our website regarding loan duration and the most sensible option for you. While we fully appreciate many people prefer to pay as much as possible towards their loan every month, thereby reducing the term, this is not always the best course of action. 

We have seen many clients who have committed to relatively high monthly repayments, often taking all of their “free capital” above their living expenses. Unfortunately, with the best will in the world, there will be occasions where unexpected costs emerge. You may need to replace a washing machine, perhaps your car needs fixing, or you may have medical bills. If you have left yourself little or no headroom over and above your monthly living costs/loan repayments, this could cause serious problems.

Consequently, you can compare and contrast different loan durations on our website using the easy beneficiary loans online application process. There is a need to balance additional interest charged over longer loan durations against your overall financial situation. We can help in this matter.

Loan duration


As a responsible lender, we will carry out credit checks on each application and also require a degree of security, with the option of a guarantor. This works two ways; it allows us to secure the lowest interest rate for your scenario while maintaining our long-term business model. We are not one of those loan companies who would prefer you to be in debt to us forever and a day. We are responsible, considerate, and, while working under a specific business model, share the same goals as you, a debt-free future.

Security can take a whole range of different forms. When it comes to guarantors, we will make them aware of their potential financial responsibilities/liabilities before signing any documentation. We are proud of our upfront approach to finance and the easy beneficiary loans online application process.

Credit checks

As we touched on above, we credit check all of our potential clients as part of our legal obligation – this is also a vital element of our application process. Where there may be issues with your credit rating, this may reduce the options and the services we can offer. Even if we cannot provide finance at this juncture, we can still give guidance on improving your credit rating and getting yourself back on a firmer financial footing.

Our website has a raft of information covering personal loans, monthly repayments, interest rates and the more common uses for beneficiary loans. You can read this at your convenience before considering an application.

credit check for beneficiary loans

Quick decisions

When considering WINZ loans, we can offer a decision within 24-48 hours, once all of the information has been provided, and the numbers crunched. Our decision will be much quicker in many cases, but there may be additional issues to consider, such as photo ID, security, credit checks, etc. So, when making use of our easy beneficiary loans online application process, take your time, ensure the information provided is accurate, and we will be back to you very quickly.

Potential to negotiate

As we touched on above, we offer a range of interest rates from 13.95% to up 26.98% per annum. Our minimum loan duration is six months and we also require a degree of security/guarantor to secure finance. That said, there is still room for negotiation if you would like to tweak our initial offer. It may be that you have additional security, perhaps your guarantor is willing to increase their liability, or you want to change the duration of your loan.

While always wearing our responsible lender’s hat, nothing is ever set in stone, and we are always open to negotiations.

Typical uses of beneficiary loans

We can offer beneficiary loans from $500 dependent upon income and security/guarantor status. Some of the more common uses of beneficiary loans include the payment of:-

  • Rental bonds
  • Medical expenses
  • Vet bills
  • Education fees
  • Housing maintenance
  • Car loans
  • Dental charges
  • Utility bills

This list is by no means exhaustive, and we would consider finance for a range of other scenarios. Contact us by email or telephone, and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

typical uses of beneficiary loans

Regulatory protection

It is important to remember that we have a range of legal and moral obligations regarding the security of our website, our services and any personal data that we hold. We fully comply with the protections set out in the Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act and more. As a family business, we live and die by our reputation, which is extremely important to us. We have spent many years building our reputation and we are highly protective of this.

Our relationship is based on trust; we need to have confidence in the information you are providing, and you need to have confidence in the services we are providing. If you were to experience cash flow issues further down the line, we would use our experience to guide and advise you. Even though the Internet has made our services more available to the masses, we still offer good old-fashioned telephone communication as and when required.


Here at Crester Credit, we pride ourselves on our loan services and the range of information on our website. We openly encourage existing and potential customers to do their research and ask any questions they may have – ensure that you feel comfortable before making an application. No question is too simple or challenging; we will be transparent and upfront with our replies.

The easy beneficiary loans online application process is speedy, with guidance and important information offered along the way.

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