Loans for Beneficiaries

Loans for Beneficiaries

If you’re on a benefit & receiving income from WINZ, then, we help with loans for beneficiaries.

Crester Credit is more than happy to lend to people if they’re on a benefit, provided your spending habits don’t outweigh your income and you can afford the repayments. You can check the repayments by using our loan calculator

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Easy beneficiary loans

If you get WINZ payments, Crester makes it easy. Once approved, you’ll have your money in just 24 hours. WINZ loans, Payday Loans etc. it’s all the same – We provide easy beneficiary loans for Kiwis but please use the money responsibly.

Discover how much you can borrow & what your beneficiary loan repayments are using our loan calculator.

easy finance

We make it
easy for you

Flexible beneficiary loan repayments & terms tailored to your circumstances.

no bad credit

We look beyond
bad credit ratings

Secured easy beneficiary loans – We look at the security you have rather than just your income. If you have a bad credit rating, don’t stress, we’re still here to help.

best interest rates

We give you better
interest rates

Why pay more through other finance companies? We offer low-interest WINZ loans.

Responsible Lending

Loans for beneficiaries who need a helping hand are easily achieved, but it is really important that you’re not racking up debt, that’s not needed. We’ll want to make sure you can easily afford the repayments.

Beneficiary loans and what they can be used for

Did you know?

Crester Credit is a Family owned business that has been operating in New Zealand since 1983. Installed in how we operate our Christian values and we often donate to good causes, such as “Cap” Christians against Poverty.

Our staff are good, down-to-earth people like you and me, that understand that life gets tough from time-to-time.

People that apply for beneficiary loans or WINZ loans can usually benefit from a debt consolidation loan. People often have many hire purchases and loans with high-interest rates that trap them into falling short week-to-week.

Instead of applying for another quick loan, it’s sometimes smarter to roll all of your debt into one simple, easier to manage repayment.

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