Responsible Lending

Applying for a Crester Credit loan is simple and applying can take just a few minutes.

Crester Credit are committed to the practice of responsible lending and do not want to keep our customers in consistent debt. We aim to only lend to people who we realistically believe can afford to repay us in the timeframes agreed when you initially take out the loan.

Our loans are there for those times when the occasional emergency or unexpected bill surprises you, not something which you need to continually depend on.

Flexible loans

Varying loan amounts are available with Crester Credit, from a minimum of $500 to $80,000+. See our list of fees for more information on borrowing amount, loan terms and varying costs.


To be eligible for a loan all you need is a stable address and a full New Zealand driver’s licence. We empathise will all our customers and will lend to those who are not earning an income and to those who are receiving benefits.


From the very beginning of the process we will calculate the total amount repayable for you upfront.

We also make you aware of the annual interest rate which is displayed underneath our loan calculator.

Credit checks

Crester Credit reserve the right to run a credit check. We may undertake this as part of our assessment of the suitability and affordability of a loan for you.

Our responsible lending practice means we aim to only lend to those who can afford to pay us back on their repayment dates as agreed.

Are you a responsible borrower?

While it is important to borrow credit from a company that practices responsible lending, it is just as important to make sure that you borrow responsibly.

To help ensure you are a responsible borrower, you should never choose to take out a loan if you know it will be a long term financial challenge, and you should never borrow more than you can comfortably afford to pay back on your scheduled repayment dates.


We provide articles offering free budgeting guidance which are there to help you manage your cashflow.

However, if you are concerned about long-term debt, we strongly advise you to seek budgeting advice rather than applying for a loan. The Citizens Advice Bureau offers free advice on budgeting, or visit Sorted for free budgeting tools.

If you have any questions, we’re here to help.
We respond to requests immediately, so we’ll get back to you super fast to chat.